Session 8: Kicking the Tires

Between Sunday and today, Bill and Rob got the activation code working with sorcery, refactored the Instructor and User models a bit to relocate the email address and the admin flag to the User model. We made the decision that an admin would not be associated to an Instructor and the migration that moved the admin flag included the appropriate adjustments. Another Gaslight Software member, Dewayne, added the Twitter bootstrap gem to give the application a better dose of style than that with which the plain Rails application starts.

Since the application is now deployed to Heroku, we created some logins for the guys who showed up and started doing some data entry. This let us find out where there were some clearly rough places and bad or missing links. It also let them see the application in a shared mode for the first time. One of the main issues was that when they created a new instructor and chapter, every instructor could see all the chapters listed rather than just the ones to which they were associated. We walked through making the changes to the ChaptersController and its tests to enforce the behavior that we wanted to see.

After the students left, we stayed for a few more hours to whip quite a few more things into shape as Coach Brinkmann logged in as an instructor and started entering students. It was very likely that the person responsible for the region would be able to see a demo of the site on Friday so we wanted to get the minimal functionality in place before that happened.


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